Jack Blackadder

Livestreamer & Content Creator

Quest Mode allows you to complete “quests” to earn me tips and subs. If you really can’t spare much but there’s a service you use/would use, or there’s a game offered that interests you? Check out my Quest Mode link and you can help me out massively!

Tips are greatly appreciated. They go towards bills accumulated through my seven years bedridden, prescriptions that allow me to function and not-be-bedridden, and rent. When you tip, it appears in my livestream, and the monthly goal gauge fills. You can even add a message for myself and the other viewers!

Buying items from my Amazon Wishlist is a great way to help me out, and I’m supremely grateful for these donations. Things I need for PC repairs & upgrades, clothing, food, etc are listed - things I can’t really buy myself as all of my income is generally claimed. Many items benefit the livestream as well - especially anything that keeps me clothed. Clothing is good.

Bits are a simple way to tip streamers within the Twitch platform. Subscriptions are too, getting rid of ads when you view your favorite subbed streamers, as well as other rewards within the platform. These are as good as a tip - and you get one free subscription monthly from Twitch Prime to use on the streamer of your choosing - and they even still get paid. You can even gift subs to other viewers of my stream if you’re feeling extra-charitable!

Just a quick note - These are meant to help me out and are separate from donations to the Nerds in Need charity and vice-versa. This is important.