Jack Blackadder

Livestreamer & Content Creator


First and foremost, I’m a Metroidvania, JRPG, and retro gaming livestreamer. With experience spanning back to 1987, accessing BBSes on a modem & playing games like ‘Impossible Mission’ via my Commodore 64, my love of gaming and technology has only grown through the years. As a disabled person, it’s also one of the few passions I can still partake of. That being the case, it was only reasonable that I become a livestreamer. So here I am!

As a streamer, I can serve as a brand ambassador, bring my viewers sponsored content, do unboxings and product reviews, get viewers excited for a new product, video game, clothing, etc. by experiencing it for them myself and conveying my own excitement and enjoyment of said products.

Video Games & Consoles - Geeky Toys - Computer Hardware
Graphic Editing Software - VR Technology - Hygiene Products
Clothing - Fibromyalgia & Wellness-Related Products
Android Phones & Tablets - Mystery Boxes - Tool Kits
I can even review makeup for men & women with visible ailments!


I’ve built and monitor pages for some of Pittsburgh’s most respected businesses in their fields. BurghBooths.com, PittsburghsBestDJs.com, and PittsburghCircus.com just to name a few. My designs demand the viewer’s attention and leave an impact, I pride myself on researching each business and their services before writing even a single blurb, and I’m quick to take care of any problems or make edits at your request.

Custom COMPUTERS & Repair

Be it a cost-effective mini-tower for little Timmy to unwrap on Christmas and finally play Fortnite with his friends, a simple office PC, an extremely powerful and ultra-fast water-cooled gaming tower to destroy your online competition in livestreams, or just something in between - I can build it. Sure you could order it online from some faceless entity who isn’t a few minutes away in Downtown Pittsburgh in case something goes wrong later, but why would you do that? I can even build Hackentosh computers for the Mac fanatics on a budget!

Console Repair & Modifications

If you’ve ever had issues using your retro hardware with newer televisions, I can do modifications that allow for crisp and clean signals through s-video, component, and even SCART on modern HDTVs. Or perhaps you’ve some blown capacitors on an older system that just needs cleaned and repaired - or maybe SD card reader integration, so you can stop using ancient data disks, tapes, and cartridges. Congratulations, I’m your guy. You’ll find I’m reasonably priced, as well.