Jack Blackadder

Livestreamer & Content Creator


Monthly Rent

Rent is the biggest thing holding me back on progressing. It’s sorta’ like renting office space. That I live in.

As long as I don’t have to worry about that, I can stream more often and work more on my editing. If I don’t… well I pretty much lose everything and can’t make videos.

I’m not exactly in the situation of just being able to do a regular job because of my health and mobility, I can’t take out a loan from family or friends, and have no couches to sleep on. SO this is massively important.

Repairable Electronics

When I started this channel, I wanted to do two things.

- Play video games and make them as good looking as possible.
- Teach others how to repair “broken” hardware from eBay so they can game as well as people with 4x their income.

You’ve seen my PC specs on About. I want to help others be able to do the same, and maybe use those skills to sell ‘third party refurbished’ PCs.

Experimental Content - The Art of Gaming

When a certain anti-gaming advocate came out to say, basically, all gaming is toxic, it led to some confrontation with my now ex and I. I myself enjoy games like Xenogears, Final Fantasy VI, Breath of Fire. It’s not like I play God of War, GTA, and even if I had would “enjoy” or take certain scenes and actions.

I realized, in my arguments, you cannot explain a thing or defend what you love by taking a purely defensive position of “but not all gamers” or “I don’t do that, though”.

I’d like to make a series talking to gamers - famous, not so famous, YouTubers, speedrunners, you name it- going over significant moments in games that made them feel. Music, art, story, everything from every game ever is open game. What of that menu brought you to tears, made you ponder the universe, or just washed over you with this feeling of pure peace?

THATS what we should be talking about. Those moments, that art, will be what keeps video games alive for generations to come.

Frankly, I think that would make an excellent series.

To Live, Not Just Survive

I don’t want to be rich, or act like rich people act.

The immediate issue is my debts paid ASAP, 40k total - which isn’t much, considering most people’s college debt - this is half medical debt and half college debt.

I want to build computers for the disabled, and that’s my main charity cause. So any “extra” money? Goes to that, so I can help others in my exact situation. I was told I should pick something “relatable”, but I think everyone can relate to the terror of one day just… not being able to leave, or do certain house work, or at the very least be able to do just simple manual jobs. Those are the people I’d be helping, I don’t see how that could be any more relatable. It’s more common than most problems, affects various races and genders, and could happen at any time. So yeah, that’s my cause. The hill I’m willing to die on.

I’d like to upgrade my PC as time passes, buy hardware to repair and do giveaways with, travel to collaborate and do videos, and get the medical treatments I need to help me live happier than currently. That especially, as I could get treatments and devices to help me work, but insurance doesn’t cover them. Feeling better AND doing something I love, though? …Isn’t that “the dream”?

So those are my goals, as of 2019

There is so much I want to do for you guys. In real life, I’m not someone anyone listens to or really befriends. You watching me, talking to me, interacting, supporting… It’s the most love I’ve ever felt.

I don’t really have family, or many friends. In a sense though, I’m lucky enough to make my own family… not lucky enough to have a progressively worsening debilitating disease, buthey - I guess it’s a karmetic trade-off?

So thank you for giving me that. I hope as time passes and I self-teach myself editing like I taught myself streaming hardware, layouts, etc that you find that support was well-placed. I really mean that - in a heartfelt way, not a TanaCon way.

- Jack Blackadder