Jack Blackadder

Livestreamer & Content Creator

If you found this website via my WiFi name, I hope you’ll watch my streams & join my little online community. Even so, the password is “guest”.



I’m a disabled person currently living in Pittsburgh, PA. My ailments include Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue, Osteoarthritis, Crohn’s Disease, Syncope (‘blackouts’/mild seizure), as well as Asperger’s (now Autism Spectrum), PTSD/Androphobia, and Generalized Social Anxiety.

Through the use of technology, I’ve bettered my life far more than possible otherwise. I use it to overcome my fear of people. I use it to augment my memory, insofar as keeping track of actions normally people wouldn’t have issues with. I use it to overcome obstacles that would normally prevent me from finding any work whatsoever. I use it to try to better the lives of others in similar situations.

I love gaming. As I stated elsewhere on here, I started playing video games very young. Atari 2600, Vic 20, Commodore 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, IBM 386, and so on. Part of what I love about technology, especially video games, is it can expose you to philosophy, music, real-world based cultures, and ways of thinking that… otherwise you may never come across. You can spend days watching television and yet potentially not once discover anything new. Nothing profound. Yet with gaming, you can experience life in the middle ages and dream the dreams they would have dreamed, or find yourself in the far future where things are similar, yet advanced, and find where current real-world faults AND favors could wind up given time to develop.


VR is sort of the next step in that. Not only is the former relevant to VR, experiences are more immersive and leave more of an impact on the users. Additionally they can be experienced by multiple people at once, helping people who are on completely separate sides of the globe who wouldn’t meet otherwise do so. This obviously helping to eliminate the loneliness that some might find if unable to do that.

I’m grateful. Using said technology, I’ve been able to live a life that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible for a disabled person such as myself. I don’t think I’d want to live in any other time, or even would have survived.

As for me, things are… complicated. I honestly struggle to find work, even though it may seem through this page like I’m someone who does a lot. I do contracts for a wedding company every Friday for $250 a month. I try to attract a lot of clients on the stuff I do outside of livestreaming, but it hasn’t worked out well. I’ve been livestreaming for two years though, and as non-streaming real-world opportunities fall through more often I’ve put more emphasis and effort into streaming. I basically absolutely have to succeed, as I don’t exactly have family I can go to or well-off friends I can stay with. It’s stressful, and it affects my health negatively.

Still, I’m proud of myself even if people I want to care about it all don’t. I’m constantly bettering myself, the visual qualities of the stream, how I do things while streaming, and what I do for the streams to succeed. I know what I want. I want to be secure that every month bills will be paid, or even know they’re paid off. I want to be able to wake up and, after my medications kick in, be able to focus completely on the stream and connecting with viewers. No worrying every moment about paying bills. No panicking on if I’ll be paid in time for rent (I love my boss, but he’s irresponsible AF about that).

Just wake, stream, relax and look at pop/nerd culture stuff, sleep… repeat.

That’s my goal. THATS what I want from this. It always was. So that’s what I’ll do.



  • Enthusiast computer hardware

  • Liquid/water cooling

  • Mental health & psychology

  • Invisible illness awareness

  • Men’s image (beauty) & wellness

  • Video production

  • Philosophy

  • Physics & sciences

  • Electronics repair

  • Philanthropy

  • Gamification

  • 90’s anime/manga

  • Marvel Comics

  • The MCU

  • DC

  • DC TV

    • The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow

  • JRPGs

  • Metroidvania games

  • Xeno(gears/saga/blade X)

  • Virtual Reality (VR)

  • Electronic music

  • Industrial music


  • 90’s alternative


The absolute most important tool a streamer has is their PC. And one of the best ways to connect with sponsors and game developers is by letting them know your specs, so they know what you’re able to play. In my case…

My PC, “Melchior”

My PC, “Melchior”

Gaming PC

  • AMD Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3650mhz
    - Liquid cooled via custom loop

  • 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM @ 3200mhz
    - Custom RGB heatsinks

  • MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon

  • EVGA ACX 3.0 GTX 1080 (SLI)
    - Liquid cooled via custom loop
    - MAX GPU @ 1860mhz, Mem @ 8000mhz

  • EVGA ACX 3.0 GTX 1080 (SLI)
    - Liquid cooled via custom loop
    - MAX GPU @ 1860mhz, Mem @ 8000mhz

  • Google Oculus Rift

Okay, so this PC has a story.

After I built the media editing computer at the office, I really wanted the kind of power it had for at home, arguably where I needed it more. So… I scrounged parts. I went without meals, days without eating at a time. And that was just for the base motherboard, CPU, etc. Occasionally I got lucky and found a part for a quarter of the price - or sometimes free because it was “broken”.

Regardless, this was the end result. While some people incapable of grasping -why- its important I have this tool tell me to “just sell it”… No. I absolutely refuse. This is the only thing I own worth anything. It’s how I do my job and livestreams. I starved myself, delicately soldered parts, put literal blood into this thing. One day I hope to have even better, but for now it’s the personification of my channel evolving & growing. I can’t let that go.

Additionally, I run this for encoding as of April 2019

Encoding PC

  • Ryzen 5 1600 CPU @ 3450mhz

  • 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM @ 3200mhz

  • ASRock AB350M Pro 4

  • XFX RS Black RX 570 OC 4GB

    - MAX GPU @ 1600mhz, Mem @ 6000mhz

  • Razer Ripsaw USB Capture Card

  • Logitech C922X Webcam

  • AmazonBasics Professional USB Condenser Microphone

So with that strain on performance remove, both games and encoding will be enhanced from the ‘upgrade’. These parts were also scrounged, as well as using the PC from the office for parts. It takes a massive load off the other PC and allows encoding above and beyond what I was previously capable.

Current Consoles

  • Sony PlayStation 4 (Softmodded)

  • Sony PlayStation 4

  • Nintendo Switch (Softmodded)

  • Moto G6 Play

Retro Consoles

  • Nintendo Gameboy

  • Sony PlayStation

  • Sony PlayStation 2

  • Sony PlayStation 3

  • Sony PlayStation Portable

  • Microsoft X-Box 360

  • Commodore Vic 20

  • Commodore 64

  • Atari 2600

  • VTech Socrates

  • Nintendo Entertainment System

  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System